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Gifu city 岐阜市Pictures of Gifu city, the capital city of Gifu Prefecture.
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Nagara River Ukai Cormorant Fishing 長良川鵜飼


From May 11 to Oct. 15, the famous Nagara River Ukai cormorant fishing is performed by fishing masters. In the evenings, you can ride on a boat on Nagaragawa River to watch them fish ayu sweetfish with a bright torch and the birds diving and catching the fish in their throats. Also see my YouTube video here.

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Gifu Castle 岐阜城


Gifu Castle is a mountaintop castle on Mt. Kinkazan in central Gifu city. It was once the residence of Lord Dosan Saito and later Nobunaga Oda. The present castle was reconstructed as a ferro-concrete building in 1956. The castle commands spectacular views of Gifu. Accessible by ropeway. Also see the video at YouTube.

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Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri ぎふ信長まつり


Held on the first weekend in Oct., the Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri's highlight is a Sunday afternoon parade (12:30 pm–2:20 pm) of people dressed in historical costumes centering on Oda Nobunaga (usually played by a celebrity), considered to be the father of Gifu city. They parade on the main drag from JR Gifu Station to the foot of Mt. Kinkazan, the location of Gifu Castle.

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Inaba Shrine on New Year's Day 伊奈波神社 初詣


Inaba Shrine is near the foot of Mt. Kinkazan (Gifu Castle) and Gifu city's most popular shrine for worship during New Year's. I visited on Jan. 1, 2011.

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Gifu City Tower 43 岐阜シティ・タワー43


That super tall building next to JR Gifu Station is Gifu City Tower 43 that opened in Oct. 2007. Besides a few shops and restaurants, the building has a great lookout deck on the top. And it's free. On a clear day, you can see far and wide, like skyscrapers in Nagoya and Mt. Ibuki.

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Nakasendo Kano-juku and Kano Castle 加納宿・加納城跡


Kano-juku was the 53rd station or lodging/post town of the Nakasendo Road. No original buildings remain, except for Tenmangu Shrine and Kano Castle's stone walls. A few markers indicate the location of the Waki Honjin and Honjin. Short walk south of JR Gifu Station.

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Hashima 羽島市Pictures of Hashima, Gifu Prefecture.
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Takehana Matsuri + Wisteria Festival 竹鼻まつり・ふじまつり


Takehana Matsuri is a festival of ornate floats paraded in central Hashima on May 3. Each float features a performance of puppets (karakuri) or kids dancing. The festival is coupled with the Wisteria Festival at Takehana Betsuin temple.

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Other Hashima Sights


Hashima has a nice folk history museum and movie museum.

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Ogaki 大垣市Pictures of Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.
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Ogaki Castle 大垣城


Ogaki Castle is said to have been built in 1535 by Lord Miyagawa Yasusada. It served as the base for the Ishida Mitsunari's western forces during the Sekigahara War in 1600. The original castle was a National Treasure until it was destroyed during the war in 1945. The castle tower was reconstructed in 1959. Very pretty during cherry blossom season. Near JR Ogaki Station.

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Shiki no Michi Promenade 四季の路


This promenade is a 2.2 km walking path from Ogaki Station to Matsuo Basho's final point in his Oku-no-Hosomichi journey. It follows along the Suimon River and is especially pretty during cherry blossom season when rides on wooden tub boats (tarai-bune) are offered.

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Ogaki Matsuri Festival 大垣まつり


Ogaki's biggest festival held on May 9-10 features eleven ornate floats called "yama." They are paraded along the streets in central Ogaki. Highlights include karakuri mechanical doll performances atop the floats and the floats lit up at night with paper lanterns. Held by Hachiman Jinja Shrine. On Dec. 1, 2016 (JST), Ogaki Matsuri Festival was inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as one of 33 "Yama, Hoko, and Yatai float festivals in Japan." Also see my YouTube video of karakuri puppets here and of children's dances here.

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Sunomata Ichiya Castle 墨俣一夜城


According to legend, Sunomata Castle was built overnight by Toyotomi Hideyoshi while he was still an lowly samurai. Sunomata Ichiya Castle was reconstructed in April 1991. Now a local history museum. Accessible by Gifu Bus (W65 on Obusa Sunomata Route) from JR Gifu Station and Ogaki Station. Get off at Sunomata bus stop.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture. Includes Ogaki Keirinjo or Ogaki Cycling Stadium where bicycle races are held.

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Sekigahara 関ヶ原町Pictures of Sekigahara-cho town, Gifu Pref. famous for the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.
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Battle of Sekigahara Historic Site 関ヶ原古戦場


One of Japan's most pivotal battles took place here on Oct. 21, 1600 (Sept. 15 of Keicho 5) between Tokugawa Ieyasu's Eastern Forces and Toyotomi Hideyoshi loyalist Ishida Mitsunari's Western Forces. Ieyasu's victory in the Battle of Sekigahara sealed Japan's historical fate for the next 250 years. The former battlefield is dotted with monuments indicating the positions of various warlords during the battle.

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Battle of Sekigahara Festival 2008 関ヶ原合戦祭り


On Oct. 19, 2008, the town of Sekigahara held a special two-day festival to commemorate the Battle of Sekigahara. These photos were taken on the second day when a procession and mock battle were staged. Matchlock gun battalions added to the colorful drama. Also see my YouTube video here.

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Sekigahara Warland 関ヶ原ウォーランド


This is an outdoor park with larger-than-life, painted concrete sculptures depicting the Battle of Sekigahara between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari. The battlefield is not geographically recreated. Admission charged.

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Sekigahara Stalactite Cavern 関ヶ原鍾乳洞


Small but pleasant and popular cavern especially in summer when it is cool inside the cavern. Various rock formations and clear spring water are highlights. Admission charged.

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Imasu-juku 今須宿


Imasu-juku was the fifty-ninth of the sixty-nine stations or shukuba post towns of the Nakasendo Road. It follows Sekigahara-juku and comes before Kashiwabara-juku in Shiga Pref. Today, it has very few remnants of its Nakasendo past. It is between Sekigahara and Kashiwabara Stations on the JR Tokaido Line.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Sekigahara, Gifu Pref. such as Fuwa-no-seki site and museum.

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Shirakawa 白川村Pictures of Shirakawa-go, Gifu, a World Heritage Site.
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Shirakawa-go 白川郷


World Heritage Site for its traditional gassho-zukuri houses with steep thatched roofs.

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Wada House 和田家


One of the main attractions of Shirakawa-go, this privately-owned house is the largest gassho-zukuri house in Shirakawa-go. The Wada family still live in the house while much of the house is open to the public. See the huge attic where they used to produce silk.

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Myozenji Temple 明善寺


Myozenji is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Jodo Shinshu sect, the most common sect in Shirakawa-go. It's the only temple in the gassho-zukuri style with a thatched roof. The Hondo worshp hall is the largest building in Shirakawa-go.

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Minshuku 民宿


Shirakawa-go's main source of income is tourism. Many old farmhouses with thatched roofs have been converted into lodging called "minshuku." But looks can be deceiving as the interior is completely modern. I have experience at four minshuku at Shirakawa-go.

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Takayama 高山市Pictures of Takayama, Gifu Prefecture.
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Central Takayama 伝統的な町並み


Central Takayama near Takayama Station is noted for traditional buildings. Many attractions are within walking distance from the station. The Important Traditional Building Preservation Area is popular with tourists.

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Takayama Jinya 高山陣屋


Central Takayama's most important traditional building is this former Government House. Originally the palace of Lord Kanamori of Takayama Castle, it was later used by local government administrators from 1692 to 1868. It is a National Historic Site.

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Takayama Matsuri Festival 高山祭


The Takayama Festival is held twice a year, during April 14-15 and Oct. 9-10. The spring festival is held by Hieda Shrine and it is called Sanno Matsuri. The festival features twelve ornate "yatai" floats which are displayed and pulled along the streets. In a large plaza, katakuri puppets perform on a few of the floats. The festival is also dramatic at night with a float procession. On Dec. 1, 2016 (JST), Takayama Matsuri Festival was inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as one of 33 "Yama, Hoko, and Yatai float festivals in Japan."

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Tarui 垂井町Pictures of Tarui-cho town, Gifu Prefecture.
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Nangu Taisha Shrine 南宮大社


Famous for its giant torii next to the shinkansen train tracks, this shrine is dedicated to Kanayama-hiko-no-Mikoto 金山彦命. It is the headquarters shrine for all Kanayama Shrines and iron-related shrines in Japan. Many of the buildings are Important Cultural Properties.

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Tarui Hikiyama Matsuri Festival 垂井曳山祭り


Held on May 2-4, three ornate hikiyama floats are displayed and paraded around town. Young boys also perform in kabuki plays on the floats. May 3 is the main festival day, but May 2 is also a good day to see the matsuri. These photos were taken on May 2, 2009. Also see my YouTube video here.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Tarui town, Gifu, including the Sakura Matsuri with koinobori carp streamers along the river, Takenaka Hanbei's castle remains, and Tarui-juku post town on the Nakasendo.

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Yoro 養老町Pictures of Yoro-cho town, Gifu Prefecture.
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Yoro Falls 養老の滝


Yoro town's most famous attraction is Yoro Park and Yoro (Yoro-no-taki) Falls, especially during cherry blossom season in early April and during the autumn foliage. Yoro was named by Empress Gensho in the 8th century and proclaimed Yoro as the fountain of youth. She even named her era after Yoro (717-724). Even today, Yoronotaki Falls is one of Japan's 100 Famous Waterfalls and 100 Famous Water Springs.

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