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Ikaruga 斑鳩町Pictures of Ikaruga-cho town, Nara Pref. Includes Horyuji temple.
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Horyuji temple 法隆寺


Japan's most famous temple, with the world's oldest wooden buildings (over 1,300 years old), is also the country's first World Heritage Site. Also called Ikaruga-dera, the temple is the headquarters of the Shotoku-shu Buddhist Sect founded by Shotoku Taishi.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Ikaruga-cho, Nara.

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Nara city 奈良市Pictures of Nara city, the capital city of Nara Prefecture.
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Todaiji Temple 東大寺


A World Heritage Site and one of Japan's most famous temples, Todaiji houses Japan's largest statue of the Buddha, a National Treasure. Temple was established about 1,200 years ago.

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Kasuga Taisha Grand Shrine 春日大社


Kasuga Taisha Shrine is next to Nara Deer Park not far from Todaiji temple. Major attraction in Nara and one Japan's most famous Shinto shrines.

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Wakakusa-yama Burning 若草山焼き


On the Sunday before the second Monday of Jan., 33 hectares of a hill called Wakakusa-yama next to Nara Park is burned at night. The burning hill looks more spectacular from afar, but we went up close.

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Nigatsu-do Shuni-e (O-Mizutori O-Taimatsu) 東大寺二月堂修二会(お水取り・お松明)


Every evening during March 1-14, Todaiji temple priests carry torches on the balcony of Nigatsu-do Hall. Sparks falling from the torches bring good health. Tripods are not allowed in the viewing area. On March 12, the festival climaxes with sacred water drawn from a spring. However, there is not much to see for the average tourist. Only huge crowds of pilgrims that day. Also see the video at YouTube.

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Nara Heijo-kyo Capital and Heijo Palace 平城遷都1300年祭・平城宮跡


In 2010, Nara celebrated the 1300th anniversary of Heijo-kyo Capital with the Heijo Palace site serving as the main venue. Various events, entertainment, and activities were offered for almost free. Also see my video at YouTube. And another one here.

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