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Akashi 明石市Pictures of Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.
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Akashi Castle 明石城


Visible from Akashi Station, Akashi Castle was first built in 1619 by Lord Ogasawara Tadamasa (later renamed Tadazane 小笠原忠真). Only two turrets, stone walls, and moats survive. It is within Akashi Park.

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Other Sights


Other places and sights in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.

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Himeji 姫路市Pictures of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.
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Himeji Castle 姫路城


Himeji Castle is Japan's most beautiful, famous, and photogenic building. It is Japan's best preserved feudal castle and a National Treasure and World Heritage Site.

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Other Sights


Pictures of other sights in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.

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Kobe 神戸市Pictures of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
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Kobe Port Tower and Meriken Park 神戸ポートタワー・メリケンパーク


A symbol of Kobe, Kobe Port Tower was built in 1963 on the fringe of the waterfront Meriken Park. The tower is 108 meters high, designed like the tsuzumi taiko shoulder drum. Meriken Park is Kobe's waterfront park that includes Kobe Maritime Museum, South American emigration monument, outdoor sculptures, and the preserved dock that was damaged by the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995.

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Kitano Ijinkan 北野町山本通・異人館


Near Sannomiya Station, Kitano is a district dotted with numerous Western-style homes built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when foreigners were allowed to reside in Kobe. Many homes are open to tourists.

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Kobe Luminarie 2018 神戸ルミナリエ


The Kansai Region's most popular holiday lights held every Dec. in memory of the 1995 Hanshin Earthquake. Over 3 million people see it during the 10 days the Italian-style illumination is displayed. Held since Dec. 1995, this is the 24th one in Dec. 2018. The lights are on from 6 pm or 5 pm (weekends) to 9:30 pm or 10 pm. Near JR Motomachi Station.

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Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake 阪神大震災


On Jan. 17, 1995, the Kobe area was devastated by a huge earthquake, killing over 6,000 people. I visited Kobe 10 days after the quake hit. I show these photos on the 15th anniversary of the killer quake.

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Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction 神戸市立海外移住と文化の交流センター


Large, multi-purpose facility that includes exhibition rooms showing Kobe's history of Japanese immigration, especially to South America. Art studios, art gallery spaces, and meeting rooms are also provided for cultural exchange. It is also a consultation center for South American residents of Kobe. Operated by the city of Kobe, the facility opened on June 3, 2009 in the building that was formerly the Kobe Immigration Center (神戸移住センター) where Japanese immigrants stayed before traveling mainly to South America (especially Brazil) by boat.
The center was used from 1928 to 1971 and it is Japan's only surviving building used for sending Japanese immigrants. A few of the old rooms used by the immigrants have been restored. Otherwise, there are numerous rooms for rent, including an event hall, meeting rooms, and gallery spaces.
15-min. walk from JR Motomachi Station (East Exit) on the JR Tokaido/Kobe Line. Walk straight along Koikawa-suji road (鯉川筋). Or 10-min. walk from Kencho-mae Station on the subway line. From JR Shin-Kobe Station (shinkansen), 10-min. taxi ride. Hours: 10:00 am -5:00 pm (enter by 4:30 pm), closed Mon.

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Nishinomiya 西宮市Pictures of Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.
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Toka Ebisu at Nishinomiya Shrine 西宮神社 十日えびす


Nishinomiya Jinja Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan is the headquarters for all Ebisu shrines in Japan. Centering on Jan. 10, the Toka Ebisu festival is held here with 1 million people coming to worship and pray for business prosperity. One highlight is the giant tuna on display for people to stick on their coins. These photos were taken on Jan 10, 2011.

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Toyooka 豊岡市Pictures of Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture.
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Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork 兵庫県立コウノトリの郷公園


The Oriental White Stork Park is in the middle of rice paddies near some mountains. It is a bird sanctuary, college research facility, stork museum, and tourist attraction (gift shops). Once found all over Japan, the Oriental white stork ("kounotori" in Japanese) became extinct in the wild in Japan in 1971 despite preservation efforts since 1955. Toyooka was where the last living Oriental white stork in Japan died in 1986. This park leads Japan's efforts to reintroduce the Oriental white stork back into the wild. Open: 9:00 am–5:00 pm, closed Mondays (open if a national holiday and closed the next day instead), December 28th–January 4th.

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Kinosaki Onsen Hot Spring 城崎温泉


Kinosaki Onsen is only 10 min. away by train from Toyooka Station. It's one of the best onsen I've ever visited in Japan. It's picturesque, and the main highlight are the seven public hot spring baths (sotoyu 外湯). Lots to see and do. All the attractions are within walking distance from Kinosaki Onsen Station. Compact hot spring town.

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Izushi Shinkoro Clock Tower and Castle 辰鼓楼・出石城跡出石


Izushi was a town that merged with Toyooka. It's famous for this Meiji Era Shinkoro clock tower (taiko drum on the top), Izushi Castle, and Izushi Soba noodles. Short bus ride from JR Toyooka Station.

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Eirakukan Theater 永楽館


Also in Izushi is Eirakukan theater, the Kansai Region's oldest kabuki theater built in 1901. Open to the public. You are free to walk on the hanamichi, stage, dressing rooms, and even the basement where you can see the rotating stage.

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Central Toyooka 豊岡市街


Within walking distance from JR Toyooka Station are shopping streets and Caban Street lined with bag shops. Toyooka is a major producer of bags.

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