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Atami 熱海市 Pictures of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Atami Onsen Hot Spring 熱海温泉


Famous hot spring even has a decent beach, but it's a concrete jungle mixed with some sleaze.

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Fujinomiya 富士宮市Pictures of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine on New Year's Day 富士山本宮浅間大社


Fuji-san Hongu Sengen Taisha is the Shinto shrine that basically owns Mt. Fuji, especially the summit area of the mountain. Mt. Fuji (Japan's highest and most revered mountain) has a Shinto shrine on the summit, and it belongs to Fuji-san Hongu Sengen Taisha in Fujinomiya. Visited the shrine on New Year's Day 2017.

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Shiraito Falls 白糸の滝


"Shiraito" means "white threads" in Japanese. It refers to the numerous slivers of water falling. This is one of Japan's most famous waterfalls also part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. A short bus ride from JR Fujinomiya Station.

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Hamamatsu 浜松市Pictures of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Hamamatsu Castle 浜松城


Hamamatsu Castle is next to the city hall, a short bus ride from JR Hamamatsu Station (or a 20-min. walk). The main tower was reconstructed in 1958. Very easy climb up some steps to the main tower which is a ferroconcrete building housing a museum. The top floor gives a nice panorama of the city. In 2014, the castle gate was reconstructed in the traditional style. The castle's most famous occupant was Tokugawa Ieyasu in the late 17th century before he moved to Sumpu Castle.

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Iinoya 井伊谷


In Kita Ward, Hamamatsu, Iinoya was the village where the Ii Clan originated. Made famous by the 2017 NHK Taiga Drama about Ii Naotora, a female castle lord. Iinoya's main attraction is Ryotanji temple and the Iinoya Castle site.

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Ito 伊東市Pictures of Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Ito Onsen Hot Spring 伊東温泉


Ito Onsen is a well-known hot spring town on the Izu Peninsula.

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Izu Granpal Amusement Park 伊豆ぐらんぱる公園


The park has the Izu Kogen Grand Illumination covering a huge area with 6 million colorful LED lights called "Granillumi." Also holds light shows. グランイルミ Hours: https://granillumi.com/en/

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Izu 伊豆市Pictures of Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Shuzenji Onsen Hot Spring 修善寺温泉


Shuzenji Onsen is a compact hot spring town with pleasant walking paths, foot baths, and scenic greenery. We walked along the river, had soft-serve with freshly-grated wasabi. Crossed Kaede Bridge, walked through the bamboo forest, crossed Katsura Bridge, and visited Shuzenji Temple and Hie Shrine. Saw Tokko-no-Yu spring in the middle of the river, Shuzenji's hot spring water source.

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Kakegawa 掛川市Pictures of Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Kakegawa Castle 掛川城


Near Kakegawa Station, Kakegawa Castle counts Lord Yamauchi Kazutoyo and wife Chiyo as former residents. Reconstructed in 1993 using traditional methods (made possible by public donations), the castle tower is modeled after the one Kazutoyo built. The palace building is also well restored.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.

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Mishima 三島市Pictures of Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Rakujuen Garden 楽寿園


Japanese garden and villa formerly owned by Prince Komatsu Akihito in the late 19th century. The villa was once used for a Korean Crown Prince in 1911. The city of Mishima eventually bought the property in 1952 and opened it as a public garden. The garden includes Rakujukan villa. Lush greenery surrounding a pond. Tours inside the villa are available. The garden also has a small amusement park for kids. Near Mishima Station's South Exit.

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Mishima Taisha Shrine 三島大社


A major shrine in the Izu area. Within walking distance from Mishima Station and Rakujuen Garden.

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Mt. Fuji 富士山
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Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka 静岡県内の富士山


Mt. Fuji is Japan's most famous, beautiful, and sacred mountain in Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures.

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Mt. Fuji seen outside Shizuoka


Being Japan's highest mountain, Mt. Fuji can be seen from many places outside Shizuoka.

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Omaezaki 御前崎市Photos of Omaezaki, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Omaezaki Lighthouse 御前埼灯台


Omaezaki Lighthouse on Cape Omaezaki was designed by British engineer Richard Henry Brunton and completed in 1874. Japan's first lighthouse to use a Fresnel lens. The lighthouse is open to the public.

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Shimada 島田市Pictures of Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Shimada Mage Matsuri 島田髷まつり


Mage means topknot in the traditional Japanese hairstyle. In Kyoto, the geisha hairstyle you see is usually the Shimada-ryu style. One leading theory says that Shimada-ryu originated in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture. In memory of this haristyle, a group of beauticians and hairdressers in Shimada hold this annual festival where they don the Shimada-ryu hairstyle (usually with their real hair) and dance in yukata in Sept.

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Shizuoka city 静岡市Pictures of Shizuoka city, the capital city of Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Sumpu (Sunpu) Castle 駿府城


Except for some moats and stone walls, very little is left of Sumpu (Sunpu) Castle, known as Tokugawa Ieyasu's retirement home. Two castle structures have been reconstructed: The Tatsumi Yagura Turret and Higashi Gomon Gate. It is within the spacious Sumpu Park whose fringe is occupied by prefectural and city government buildings and schools. A short walk from Shizuoka Station.

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Nihondaira 日本平


Counted as one of Japan's 100 Scenic Places, Nihondaira is a plateau offering great views of Mt. Fuji. Another major attraction is Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, the original burial place of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. The shrine recently got a new coat of paint and lacquer, making it a magnificent work of art.

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Giant Gundam at Shizuoka Hobby Fair 静岡ホビーフェア


The Shizuoka Hobby Fair was held near Higashi Shizuoka Station from July 24, 2010 to March 27, 2011. The main attraction was the giant Gundam statue which can move a little.

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Yoshida-cho 吉田町Pictures of Yoshida Town, Shizuoka Prefecture.
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Koyama Castle 小山城


Koyama Castle was built by the Takeda Clan in 1568, but destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1582 and never rebuilt. The present castle is a reconstruction built in 1987 and modeled after inuyama Castle. The lower floors is a museum. Top floor has fine views of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding area.

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