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Shibamata Taishakuten 柴又帝釈天


Thanks to movie director Yamada Yoji and Atsumi Kiyoshi, alias Tora-san, Shibamata has become famous throughout Japan. Its anchor is the Shibamata Taishakuten Temple which served as a recurrent backdrop in the Tora-san series. The temple's priest was played by the humorous Ryu Chishu. However, even without its movie fame, its exquisite wooden sculpture walls make it a major attraction by itself.

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Shibamata Taishakuten Setsubun 柴又帝釈天 節分会


Taishakuten temple holds its annual setsubun bean throwing (mamemaki) event on Feb. 3 in the afternoon.

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Monchicchi Town in Shin-Koiwa モンチッチin新小岩


Shin-Koiwa has been transformed into a Moncchichi town. Moncchichi is a lovable and huggable toy monkey doll invented by Sekiguchi Corporation based in Shin-Koiwa. Katsushika and Shin-Koiwa are touting itself as the "Town where you can meet Moncchichi." Shin-Koiwa has a newly expanded Moncchichi Park, Moncchichi manhole covers, Moncchichi statues in front of JR Shin-Koiwa Station, and other Moncchichi decorations. Also see my Monchicchi blog post.

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Tora-san Museum 寅さん


"Watakushi, umare mo sodachi mo Katsushika, Shibamata desu..." (I was born and raised in Shibamata, Katsushika Ward) If this opening line sounds familiar, you must be one of the many ardent fans of the Tora-san "Otoko wa Tsurai Yo" (It's Tough Being a Man) movie series. Played by the late Atsumi Kiyoshi, Tora-san is Japan's most lovable drifter and lovelorn on the silver screen. Forty-eight movies in this series were produced from 1969 to 1995. Katsushika-ku is where the Tora-san Museum is. Also see my video at YouTube.

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Mizumoto Park 水元公園


Besides Horikiri Iris Garden, Katsushika Ward boasts another large iris garden in Mizumoto Park.

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Horikiri Iris Garden 堀切菖蒲園


Since centuries ago, this is one of Japan's most famous iris gardens. Often depicted in woodblock prints and in vintage postcards, this iris garden was purchased by Tokyo and became a metropolitan garden in 1960. In April 1975, it was transferred to Katsushika Ward. Although it is smaller than its original area, the garden today is still quite large with numerous iris paddies. Near Horikiri Shobuen Station on the Keisei Main Line.

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Other Sights


Other sights in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, including Kameari.

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