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Toyosato Elementary School 豊郷小学校


Toyosato, Shiga Prefecture gained national attention when an old elementary school building designed by William Merrell Vories was going to be torn down by the mayor in opposition to activists who wanted to preserve the building. The old building still remains while a new school was built. After being renovated and made earthquake-resistant, the old school building reopened in May 2009. It now has an exhibition room, public library, local board of education offices, and a children's room. The school has also become nationally famous as the backdrop for the popular K-ON! anime/manga series. MAP

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Itoh Chube'e Memorial House 伊藤忠兵衛記念館


Itoh Chube'e (1842-1903) was the founder of Itochu Corporation (C. Itoh) and Marubeni, two of Japan's largest trading companies, in 1858. This house displays his former residence and some of his possessions. A short walk from Toyosato Station, the house is open to the public on Tue., Thu., and Sat. Free admission. More about Toyosato-cho here. MAP

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Other Sights


Other sights in Toyosato-cho such as Toyosato Station.

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