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Saimyoji 西明寺


Established in 834 and located in Kora-cho town, this Tendai Buddhist temple is the northern-most one in the Koto Sanzan Temple Trio. The main temple hall, designated as Japan's first National Treasure, houses statues of gods with a carving of the 12 Oriental Zodiac signs on the head. During fall, the autumn leaves are brilliant, and you can enter the three-story pagoda (National Treasure) to see the wall paintings. Accessible by bus from Amago Station on the Omi Railway Line. Admission 500 yen. MAP

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Amago 尼子


Amago is the area near Amago Station (Ohmi Railways). See Kora Shrine and its Important Cultural Property. Also see my YouTube video here. MAP

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Takatora Summit in Kora 2010 高虎サミットin甲良


Since 1998, the Takatora Summit has been held once every two years in one of four places (Kora, Tsu and Iga both in Mie, and Imabari in Ehime) having a close connection with Lord Todo Takatora. Kora's Zaiji area in Shiga is where Takatora was born. He went on to become lord of Tsu. In 2010, it was Kora's turn to host the Takatora Summit, for the second time. The one-day event on May 9, 2010 was filled with stage entertainment, street vendors, a samurai procession, and more. Also see my YouTube video here.

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Zaiji 在士


Zaiji is almost at the center of Kora. Its most famous son is Lord Todo Takatora. Zaiji Hachiman Shrine and Takatora Park are dedicated to him. MAP

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Shimonogo 下之郷


Shimonogo has more roadside streams with colorful flowers, a famous temple called Nenshoji, and Shimonogo Sports Park. Also see my YouTube video here.

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