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Mt. Ibuki 伊吹山


One of Maibara's enduring symbols, Mt. Ibuki or Ibukiyama is Shiga Prefecture's tallest mountain at 1,377 meters as well as one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains. It is well-known for 1,200 species of wild flowers and plant life. In spring and summer, the summit (accessible by the Ibukiyama Driveway) is popular for easy hiking trails and alpine flowers. Note that the gondola and ski lifts are not in service. Also see the video at YouTube. More about Maibara here. MAP

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Mishima Pond 三島池


With Mt. Ibuki in the background, Mishima Pond (Mishima-ike) is very scenic during sunny winter days and the cherry blossom season. It is also well-known locally for migratory birds (especially ducks). MAP

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Suijo Hachiman Shrine Taiko Drum Dance 2009 春照八幡神社 太鼓おどり


Held on Sept. 23, 2009, the Suijo Hachiman Jinja Taiko Odori is a colorful and unique rain-making and rain thanksgiving taiko drum dance held by Suijo Hachiman Shrine in Maibara, Shiga Prefecture. It starts with a procession slowly proceeding along 1 km to Suijo Hachiman Shrine. They include yakko-furi samurai laborers, yamabushi ascetic priests, flutists, and taiko drummers. The dance is held only once every 5 years. Also see my YouTube video here. [url=]MAP[/url] MAP

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Ibuki-yama Taiko Drum Dance 2010 伊吹山奉納太鼓踊


Long ago, villagers in Ueno at the foot of Mt. Ibuki prayed for rain by doing the thunder dance by beating drums and bells, lighting torches, etc. After the rainfall and a good harvest in autumn, they danced to give thanks. This thanksgiving taiko drum dance is now performed only once every five years as a local festival at a small shrine in Ueno. These photos were taken on Oct. 3, 2010 and Oct. 2005. Also see my video at YouTube. MAP

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Maihara Hikiyama Matsuri Festival 米原曳山まつり


Held annually around Oct. 10 near Maibara Station. Two ornate floats are paraded around the neighborhood and stop to hold 1-hour kabuki plays performed by boys. Also see my video at YouTube. MAP

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Asahi Honen Taiko Odori Dance 朝日豊年太鼓踊り


The area of Asahi in Maibara is home to the Asahi Honen Taiko drum troupe whose drum dance originated centuries ago to pray for rain. In Oct., they perform their drumming and dancing after walking from Asahi to Hachiman Shrine. MAP

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Sakata Shinmeigu Yakko-buri Procession 坂田神明宮の蹴り奴振り


Reenacts the procession of Lord Ii Naonobu from Hikone when he came to worship at Sakata Shinmeigu Shrine in 1733 in Maibara. The men walk with a stylized, kicking action. It starts with a Shinto ceremony which includes dancing by shrine maidens. Held annually by Sakata Shinmeigu Shrine on April 29 at 2 pm near JR Sakata Station (Hokuriku Line). Also see my YouTube video here. MAP

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Hinade Shrine Sumo Odori Dance and Sakata 日撫神社 奉納角力・角力おどり・坂田駅周辺


Near JR Sakata Station (Hokuriku Line) in former Omi-cho town is Mt. Hinodeyama with Hinode Jinja Shrine holding an annual sumo festival on the third Mon. of Sept. It features mainly children's sumo and a sumo jinku dance by about 16 men. Also see a haniwa museum and Lord Yamauchi Kazutoyo's mother's gravesite and childhood home. Also see my YouTube video here. MAP

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Kashiwabara-juku 柏原宿


Kashiwabara-juku is the sixtieth station or post town (shukuba) of the sixty-nine stations on the Nakasendo Road. It is the first Nakasendo station in Shiga (following Imasu-juku in Gifu), and one of ten Nakasendo stations in Shiga. Kashiwabara has many traditional-style buildings with signs indicating what was what. A local history museum, Kiyotaki Tokugen-in Temple noted for the Kyogoku clan's graves, lodging for daimyo, Yaito Matsuri festival, and the Kitabatake gravesite are noted sights. Near JR Kashiwabara Station on the JR Tokaido Line. MAP

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Kiyotaki Tokugen-in Temple 清滝 徳源院


Not far from JR Kashiwabara Station is Kiyotaki Tokugen-in Temple noted for the graves of the Kyogoku Clan. One of them, Kyogoku Takatsugi, is a nationally-known historic figure who was married to Hatsu, one of the three Azai sisters. The temple, which belongs to the Tendai Buddhist sect (affiliated with Enryakuji on Mt. Hiei), is also noted for cherry blossoms in April and autumn leaves in Nov. MAP

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Samegai-juku 醒ケ井宿


Samegai-juku is the sixty-first station or post town (shukuba) of the sixty-nine stations on the Nakasendo Road. It is the second Nakasendo station in Shiga (following Kashiwabara-juku), and one of ten Nakasendo stations in Shiga. It has one shukuba-era building, a post office designed by Vories, the crystal-clear Jizogawa River and underwater baikamo flowers, and the Samegai Trout Farm, the largest in Asia. In May, tulips bloom and in Aug., the Jizo-bon night festival is held. Also see the video at YouTube. MAP

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Bamba-juku 番場宿


Bamba-juku is the sixty-second station or post town (shukuba) of the sixty-nine stations on the Nakasendo Road. It is the third Nakasendo station in Shiga (following Samegai-juku), and one of ten Nakasendo stations in Shiga. Former post town buildings are marked with signs. The only original building remaining is Rengeji temple. Rural and pleasant to walk through. Closest station is Maibara and Samegai Stations. Somewhat far to walk from either station. MAP

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Maibara Basho Sumo Exhibition 大相撲米原場所


On Oct. 17, 2008, the Ozumo Maibara Basho exhibition sumo tournament was held at Green Park Santo in Maibara, Shiga Prefecture. Most of the famous sumo stars came and showed their stuff including Yokozuna Hakuho; Ozeki Chiyotaikai, Kotomitsuki, Kotooshu, and Kaio; Takamisakari, Baruto, Kisenosato, and Homasho. It has been nine years since they came to Shiga for an exhibition tournament.

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Nabe-kanmuri Matsuri 鍋冠まつり


Annual festival held on May 3 by Chikuma Shrine. It is a procession along the shore of Lake Biwa featuring eight 8-year-old girls wearing a "nabe" or pot helmet. The shrine is dedicated to the God of Food and the nabe pot is for containing food offerings to the god. MAP

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Maibara Station 米原駅


Maibara Station is Shiga's sole shinkansen bullet train station and a major transfer point for the Tokaido Line and Hokuriku Line. From this station, you can go on to Kyoto (or Tokyo in the east) in the west or to Fukui, Kanazawa, and Toyama up north. MAP

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Other sights in Maibara


Other sights in Maibara such as Kannonji temple where Toyotomi Hideyoshi met Ishida Mitsunari, Green Park Santo, Maibara Basho sumo tournament, and Spo-rec Aerobics Competition スポレク滋賀 エアロビック大会 in 2008. The Sports Recreation Shiga aerobics competition was held in Maibara during Oct. 19-20, 2008. Aerobics teams from all over Japan and South Korea competed, including a group of five women in their 80s and 90s. More about Maibara here.

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