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Last additions - Koka Ninja Village 甲賀の里 忍術村
Honolulu Advertiser newspaper from Hawaii featuring a photo of a ninja from Koka who performed at Ala Moana Shopping Center in 1990.Feb 16, 2009
Ninja dollsFeb 16, 2009
This entire ceiling was designed to fall down on any assailant in this room.Feb 16, 2009
Ninja costumes for sale. 10,000 yen for adult costume, and 7,000 yen for children's size.Feb 16, 2009
Swinging down a rope.Feb 16, 2009
Other activities.Feb 16, 2009
Going through the trap door.Feb 16, 2009
Trap door behind a scroll with the kanji "shinobi" (stealth).Feb 16, 2009
Hearth with a escape hatch at the bottom. A tour guide shows you the gimmicks of the house.Feb 16, 2009
Roof with ninja family crest.Jun 02, 2008
Shigaraki pottery lessonsJun 02, 2008
Giant Buddha's hand. Used in a 1982 ninja movie. The hand has the same scale as the Giant Buddha's hand in Nara's Todaiji temple.Jun 02, 2008
Shuriken Dojo has a few stalls. For a few hundred yen, you can throw real shuriken at wooden targets.Jun 02, 2008
Wall to climb onJun 02, 2008
Shuriken Dojo Hall 手裏剣道場Jun 02, 2008
Shuriken throwing knives.Jun 02, 2008
Outdoor stage, where they hold events like the Miss Kunoichi Contest.Jun 02, 2008
Gift shop sells shuriken. Also see the Koka Ninja House. Koka Ninja Village Web site here.Jun 02, 2008
Shigaraki tanuki racoon dogs.Jun 02, 2008
Shuriken throwing knives.Jun 02, 2008
Map of Japan showing numerous ninja schools which existed during the feudal era. Iga-Ueno and Koga ninja were the most famous.Jun 02, 2008
Castle wall to climb on.Jun 02, 2008
Shuriken target practice at the Shuriken Dojo in Koka Ninja Village, Shiga Prefecture. 手裏剣道場Jun 02, 2008
Medicine packages from Koka ninja-related medicine companies. Even today, Koka has numerous medicine manufacturers.Jun 02, 2008
Next to the Ninja house is the Koka Ninja Museum (Koka Ninjutsu Hakubutsukan). This was also a fomer house transplanted here. 甲賀忍術博物館Jun 02, 2008
Ninja's secret language. A codified system.Jun 02, 2008
Tools for making medicine (including gunpowder). Many Koka (Koga) ninja were medicine makers. It was a disguise and a means to gather information from people when they went around selling medicines. Koka ninja were always in contact with the local people.Jun 02, 2008
Ninja armored suit for protection against swords.Jun 02, 2008
Ninja well with an escape tunnel which you can almost walk through.Jun 02, 2008
Ninja house attic showing the thatched roof.Jun 02, 2008
Ninja looked at a cat's eyes to find out what time it was. If the iris was almost closed, it was noon. If dilated, it was late at night. Must've been troublesome to find and snatch a cat to find out what time it was.Jun 02, 2008
Koka Ninja Museum also has showcases with various ninja costumes, documents, weapons, etc. The museum is kind of rundown though.Jun 02, 2008
The Ninja house was built in 1842. There is a guide (dressed in ninja costume) inside to show you around.Jun 02, 2008
The Ninja house (Ninja yashiki) is one of the main attractions of the Ninja Village. This was an actual ninja house belonging to the Fujibayashi ninja family. It was disassembled and transplanted here from Ohara Ichiba in Koka.Jun 02, 2008
Inside Koka Ninja Museum which opened in 1983. The dirt-floored room has various ninja ladders.Jun 02, 2008
Inside the ninja house. A hearth with a escape hatch at the bottom.Jun 02, 2008
Whoa, almost fell into the water!Jun 02, 2008
Grab the rope and step into the foot rings. Of course, ninja never wore a bright red costume. You can rent a ninja suit in various colors for 600 yen.Jun 02, 2008
Water spider: How the ninja did it. This drawing from the Koka Ninja House shows how it was done. The ninja sat on the board inside the wooden ring and waded through the water while partially submerged. His wooden clogs had small flippers.Jun 02, 2008
There he goes, not exactly walking on water. Just dragging himself across with the rope. This is only for anime-like amusement. This is not how the ninja did it.Jun 02, 2008
Monument for Sarutobi Sasuke, a famous Koga ninja who was born in Koka. However, he was only fictional character. Ninjas never tried to become famous. 猿飛佐助の碑Jun 02, 2008
Path down to Koka Ninja Village. Lots of greenery. MAPJun 02, 2008
A pair of floating rings with a platform in the middle.Jun 02, 2008
Shinobi Shrine is what you first see. Worships all the nameless ninja who died. The ninja never tried to gain fame. They remained unknown. 志能備神社Jun 02, 2008
Shinobi Shrine has a statue of Daikokuten, one of the seven gods of good fortune. He is worshipped for good marriage, food, and prosperity. Made during the early Edo Period, it's Japan's largest wooden statue of Daikokuten. 大黒天Jun 02, 2008
The Mizugumo Water Spider Pond where you can walk on water. A few visitors, wearing ninja costumes, try it out.Jun 02, 2008
Path to Koka Ninjutsu-mura Village. Admission is 1,000 yen for adults. Cheaper for students. Open 10 am - 5 pm. Free shuttle bus available from JR Koka Station. Phone: 0748-88-5000Jun 02, 2008
As a theme park, the Koka-no-Sato Ninjutsu-mura or Koka Ninja Village offers a good tourist sampling of ninja in a hidden village of former ninja houses transplanted to this "village." Entrance to Koka Ninja Village, tucked away in a hidden, lusEntrance to Koka Ninja Village, tucked away in a hidden, lush forest. Quite far from the nearest train station (Koka Station on the Kusatsu Line). You can call them from the train station to be picked up.Jun 02, 2008
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