JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

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Last comments - Toyosato 豊郷町
The new Toyosato Elementary School building.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:20Guest_JSIM: I'll send my children to study there!
Study desks inside public library. They face a window with a view of the new Toyosato Elementary School building.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:19Guest_JSIM: Very impressive!
Public library in old Toyosato Elementary School. The renovations are very impressive.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:18Guest_JSIM: I wonder if there's K-ON! manga...
View from the podium in the school auditorium. It looks like that they still use this auditorium.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:10Guest_JSIM: Great photo, I love it!
End stairway with wash basin.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:05Guest_JSIM: I hope to visit that place at least once in my lif...
This is one of two rooms in the building which has been reconstructed as a classroom for display purposes.1 comments07/02/11 at 10:02Guest_JSIM: I'd like they really use it to teach!
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