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About the Tokyo Motor Show...Makuhari Messe is near Kaihin Makuhari Station on the Keiyo and Musashino Lines. The huge show occupies the entire Makuhari Messe consisting of the North, East, Center, and West Halls, and Event Hall. Admission was 1200 yen. The show sees over 1.4 million visitors.

Although this is called the 39th Tokyo Motor Show in 2005, the first motor show was held in 1954 and called the 1st All-Japan Motor Show. The venue was Hibiya Park in Tokyo. In 1964, the show was renamed "Tokyo Motor Show." The show was held annually until 1973 when the oil shock occurred. It was so severe that organizers decided to hold the show every other year. No show was held in 1974. From 1975, the show was held every other year. 2005 is actually the 50th anniversary of the motor show.

In 1958, the venue changed to Korakuen Bicycle Racing Stadium. Also in 1958, the date was changed from spring (April-May) to fall (Oct.-Nov). In 1959, the venue was switched to Harumi at the domed Tokyo International Trade Center where it would remain until 1987 when it moved to Makuhari Messe in 1989. In 1970, foreign automakers participated in the Tokyo Motor Show for the first time.

In 1999, the show combined passenger cars and motorcycles. Also, in 1999, the show for commercial vehicles was omitted and instead to be held in a separate show in alternating years starting in 2000. The motor show for passenger cars and motorcycles would continue to be held every two years from 1999. So there would be a Tokyo Motor Show every year, but the purpose would alternate between passenger cars/motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

During the 1st motor show in 1954, when most of the vehicles displayed were for commercial use, the attendance was 547,000. In 1963, it exceed 1 million over 16 days. It hovered around 1.4 million in the years following. The record attendance was attained in 1991 with over 2 million visitors during 15 days. In 2003, the total attendance was 1.424 million.

In 2000, at the first Tokyo Motor Show dedicated to commercial vehicles, attendance was a mere 177,900 over 5 days. In 2004, attendance was 248,600 over 6 days.

The ubiquitous female companions, attendants, or models that we see today started appearing at the show from as early as 1957. They do not only decorate the show, but they also reflect the fashion of the times. Their hairstyles, wardrobe, skirt length, make-up, etc. The Tokyo Motor Show is not only a showcase for cars, it is also a fashion showcase. Therefore, in this online photo gallery, you will see not only cars, but also women. Enjoy!
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1967 Buick Riviera looking like a manta ray.1 comments03/17/12 at 01:48Guest_Bill: very good!
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