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Kintai-kyo Bridge 錦帯橋


Made of wood with five distinct arches, Kintai-kyo Bridge is one of Japan's three most famous bridges since the 17th century. The current bridge was reconstructed in Feb. 2004 after 3 years of work by Iwakuni carpenters using Edo-Period techniques and materials from all over Japan. It is slated to last for 50 years.

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Iwakuni Castle 岩国城


After crossing the famous Kintai-kyo Bridge, board a gondola to visit this mountaintop castle. The original castle was built by Lord Kikkawa Hiroie in 1608, after 8 years of construction. However, the castle had to be dismantled in 1615. The present castle tower was reconstructed in 1962, 30 meters south of the original spot, in order to make it more visible on the mountain.

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Iwakuni Train Station 岩国の駅


Iwakuni Station and an inconvenient distance away is Shin-Iwakuni Station, a bullet train station.

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