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Matsumae Castle 松前城


Matsumae Castle was the last Japanese castle to be built (1854) during the samurai's Edo Period. It was the base of the Matsumae Clan who ruled Hakodate and this Matsumae area. However, the original castle tower was destroyed by a fire in 1949. The current castle tower is a 1960 reconstruction, serving as a three-story museum. Top floor has good views of the area. Only the gate is an original structure from the 19th century. National Important Cultural Property.

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Yokozuna Chiyonoyama & Chiyonofuji Memorial Hall 横綱千代の山・千代の富士記念館


Another major attraction in Matsumae is this sumo museum dedicated to the late, local sumo legends Yokozuna Chiyonoyama (1926–1977) and Yokozuna Chiyonofuji (1955–2016) who both were from Fukushima, Matsumae. Most of their sumo treasures are displayed here including their mawashi ceremonial aprons, numerous trophies, and topknot. Many people still remember megapopular and muscular Chiyonofuji. Must-see for sumo fans.

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