JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

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Naha 那覇市Pictures of Naha, the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture.
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Shuri Castle 首里城


Photos of Shuri Castle after the devastating fire in Oct. 2019. Shuri Castle is Naha's top tourist attraction. The home of kings who ruled the Ryukyu Kingdom from 1429 to 1879 before it was annexed by Japan and renamed Okinawa Prefecture. Shuri Castle was the kingdom's capital.

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Kokusai-dori 国際通り


In central Naha, Kokusai-dori is the city's main drag of shops and restaurants. Mostly for tourists. The nearest rail stations are Kencho-mae and Makishi Stations on the Yui Rail. It also has the Shima-Uta nightclub featuring the famous Nenes/Nenez performing live on most nights.

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Naha Waterfront


Coming soon.

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Naha Airport 那覇空港


Coming soon.

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Itoman 糸満市Pictures of Itoman on the southern tip of the main island of Okinawa.
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Himeyuri Cenotaph ひめゆりの塔


Himeyuri Monument and Cenotaph (ひめゆり慰霊碑) in southern Okinawa in the city of Itoman. One of Okinawa's most famous war sites and memorials. This monument stands over the entrance of the cave where 80 people died on June 19, 1945 when US troops searching for Japanese soldiers threw in white phosphorus grenades. Those who died included 38 Himeyuri high school student nurses and four of their teachers. US troops didn't know who were in the caves.

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Cornerstone of Peace 平和の礎


Cornerstone of Peace (平和の礎) in Mabuni is a large oceanfront memorial park full of stone slabs inscribed with over 240,000 names of people who died in the battle. Civilians and military, Japanese and foreign. Japanese victims are inscribed by prefecture. Foreign nationals are inscribed by country. The site of the last fighting of the Battle of Okinawa on the southern end of the island.

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Kin 金武町Pictures of Kin town, Okinawa.
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Obon Eisa Dance エイサー


Eisa dancing is performed on the streets at night in every village on Okinawa during the three days of Obon in August. This one was in Kin town. All photos copyright 2009 Michael Lynch.

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Nakagusuku 中城村Pictures of Nakagusuku village, Okinawa.
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Nakagusuku Castle 中城


Nakagusuku Castle is located in central Okinawa about 150 meters above the Pacific Ocean and has been designated a World Heritage Site. Constructed in mid-fourteenth century of limestone rocks, placed without the use of mortar, Commodore Perry praised the construction technique on his visit to Okinawa in 1853. Photos by Michael Lynch.

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Nakajin 今帰仁村Photos of Nakajin-son Village.
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Kouri Island 古宇利島


Kouri Island is a small, round island easily accessible by car on a scenic highway bridge over the ocean from Yagaji Island off the coast of Motobu Peninsula. It has small beach and lookout tower.

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Onna 恩納村Pictures of Onna-son village, Okinawa.
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Cape Manzamo 万座毛


Cape Manzamo is a famous rock formation with a hole or elephant's trunk. It faces the East China Sea.

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