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Tokaido Seki-juku 関宿


Seki-juku was the 47th station or lodging/post town on the old Tokaido Road. It well retains a traditional townscape with a good number of traditional Edo Period buildings including the Honjin and Waki Honjin. A few buildings are open to the public as museums. Seki-juku is an Important Traditional Townscape Preservation District. Short walk from JR Seki Station on the Kansai Line.

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Kameyama Castle 亀山城


During the Edo Period, Kameyama Castle was the Ise-Kameyama Domain headquarters and center of Kameyama-juku lodging town on the Tokaido Road. It still has the Tamon-yagura turret (open to the public), castle walls, and a partially reconstructed Ninomaru keep. Short walk from JR Kameyama Station (JR Kansai Line).

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