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Hitachi-Otsu Ofune Matsuri Boat Festival 常陸大津の御船祭


Unique festival where they pull/drag a wooden fishing boat through the streets of Otsu-cho, Kita-Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Fishermen's festival to pray for a good fish catch and maritime safety. Held only once every five years on May 2 (festival eve) and 3 (festival day). These photos taken on May 3, 2019 (本祭り). On the festival day, free shuttle buses run from JR Otsuko Station to the start of boat's route.
Map of the boat's route: https://goo.gl/maps/WkQRKfifGXp8aagS9

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Izura Coast and Tenshin 五浦海岸・天心


Ibaraki Prefecture is north of Tokyo, and Kita-Ibaraki is the northernmost city in Ibaraki, right below southern Fukushima Prefecture (Iwaki) on the fringe of the Tohoku Region. From Ueno Station in Tokyo, it takes about 2 hours by JR Joban Line express train.
The Izura Coast is Kita-Ibaraki's most scenic area. Noted for the red Rokkakudo Pavilion which is a symbol of the city. Nearby is the Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki. This part of the coast was also home to Okakura Tenshin and prominent Nihonga painters Yokoyama Taikan, Hishida Shunso, and Kimura Buzan.

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Itsuura Kanko Hotel, Taikan & Buzan Residences 五浦観光別館大観荘・本館


Itsuura Kanko Hotel on the picturesque Izura Coast operates a modern hotel tower as well as the former residences of famous painters Yokoyama Taikan and Kimura Buzan where guests can also stay.

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Kita-Ibaraki Fishing Culture 北茨城漁業文化


Being on the coast, Kita-Ibaraki is a fishing port with its own culture of fishing. Hirakata Port is where fishing boats come in with their catch of monkfish, a type of anglerfish. It's a city symbol and famous delicacy, especially the liver (ankimo). The Yo-soro Fishing History Museum is also impressive.

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Kita-Ibaraki Arts and Crafts 北茨城伝統工芸


Kita-Ibaraki is full of art and crafts. Besides Nihonga paintings, there's Tenshin-yaki pottery, glass, and more. There are places offering easy hands-on lessons.

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Hanazono Shrine 花園神社


Hanazono Shrine (花園神社) is in the scenic Hanazono Gorge in the mountainous interior of the city. Founded in 795 by Shogun Sakanoue no Tamuramaro (758–811 坂上田村麻呂). The Tokugawa was also a patron, starting with Ieyasu in 1602 who gave land to the shrine. Noted for rhododendron and fall leaves.

It's not related to Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku, Tokyo, but it's related to Hie Shrine in Akasaka. It belongs to the same family of Shinto shrines worshipping the mountain deity Sanno (山王) headquartered at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine at the foot of Mt. Hiei in Shiga Prefecture. 30 min. by taxi from Isohara Station.

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