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Ichikawa Water & Greenery Corridor 水と緑の回廊


Water & Greenery Corridor (Mizu-to-Midori-no-Kairo) is a semi-urban, hiking trail in the northwestern part of Ichikawa fronting the border with Tokyo along Edogawa River. This part of Ichikawa is dotted with patches, hills, and slithers of small forests, parks, and ponds. This "Corridor" links all this greenery and bodies of water to help protect and preserve the flora and fauna in a coordinated effort by local environmental groups.
This 6km corridor takes a few hours to walk it between Kita-Kokubun Station and Konodai Station both in Ichikawa. There are also side treks to other nearby sights. Enjoyable especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom or during the autumn foliage.

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Mamasan Guhoji Temple 真間山 弘法寺


Guhoji is a Nichiren Buddhist temple founded by Priest Gyoki in 737. It's on a small hill noted for cherry blossoms and autumn foliage. One weeping cherry blossom tree is 400 years old. Within walking distance from JR Ichikawa Station (JR Sobu Line).

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Nakayama Hokekyoji Temple and Hinamatsuri 中山法華経寺


Nakayama Hokekyoji Temple was established by Nichiren, therefore it belongs to the Nichiren Buddhist sect. From mid Feb. to March 3, it holds the Hina Matsuri Girl's Day festival with displays of ornate dolls. Short walk from JR Shimousa-Nakayama Station on JR Sobu Line or from Keisei-Nakayama Station on Keisei Main Line. Address: 千葉県市川市中山2-10-1

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