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Kaiten Memorial Museum, Ozushima 回天記念館・大津島


Ozushima island is a short boat ride from Tokuyama Port near JR Tokuyama Station. The island is known as the training ground for kaiten manned torpedoes during World War II. A facility used to train kaiten pilots still remains and the Kaiten Memorial Museum explains about the kaiten and the suicide kaiten pilots. Also see my Google Map for major sights.

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Shunan City Museum of Art and History 周南市美術博物館


Shunan Museum of Art and History has a large exhibition room dedicated to photographer Tadahiko Hayashi (1918-1990). He was from Tokuyama and his family donated all his photos and camera equipment to this museum. The museum is a short bus ride from JR Tokuyama Station. Admission 200 yen.

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Shunan Winter Tree Festival Illumination 周南冬のツリーまつり (周南イルミネーション)


JR Tokuyama Station's north side has colorful holiday tree lights during Nov. and Dec.

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