JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

*Be sure to wear a mask when traveling.

Tsutsujigaoka Park つつじが岡公園


Insanely spectacular azaleas in full bloom at Tsutsujigaoka Park and Tsutsuji-en Garden. Also see koinobori carp streamers along the river to Lake Jonuma.

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Morinji temple 茂林寺


Soto-Zen temple famous for the Bunpuku Chagama (分福茶釜) folk tale about a tanuki raccoon dog that transformed into a steel pot used by the temple priest over the fire. When it got too hot, the tanuki reverted back to itself and ran away. Tatebayashi is a Tanuki Town because you see it everywhere. Souvenir shops also sell the beckoning tanuki which are made in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. Near Morinji-mae Station on the Tobu Line. Temple address: 群馬県館林市堀工町1570 Thanks to my friend Bessie (also from Hawaii) for taking me around the city.

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Tatebayashi The Treasures Garden ザ・トレジャーガーデン


Flower garden with roses, moss pink, and more near Morinji temple. Formerly named Yachonomori Garden. Roses were in bloom when I went in late May. Operated by Tobu.

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Other Sights in Tatebayashi


Tatebayashi Castle remains, Rekishi-no-Mori history park, and Tataranuma Park (多々良沼公園). Tataranuma Park is a prefectural park with a small, marshy lake with enough reed fields to attract swans migrating from Siberia every winter. A shrine on a small island is dedicated to the goddess Benzaiten. The pleasant lakeside park also has lots of picnic space and wisteria.

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