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Itabashi-shuku Post Town 板橋宿


Itabashi-shuku (or Itabashi-juku) was the first post town on the Nakasendo Road from Nihonbashi to Kyoto. It was where travelers lodged and arranged travel logistics. Today, Itabashi-shuku is totally modern, basically a shopping and residential area. But I was able to find a few remnants of the old post town or at least stone markers. Itabashi-juku had three sections, Hirao-shuku, Naka-shuku, and Kami-shuku. Naka-shuku was in the middle and the busiest part of the town. There is also Itabashi Bridge after which Itabashi Ward takes its name. You can walk along Itabashi-juku from Shin-Itabashi Station to Itabashi-Honcho Station on the Mita subway line.

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Shakujii River Cherry Blossoms 石神井川の桜並木


Near Shin-Itabashi Station on the Mita subway line is the Shakujii River lined with 1,000 cherry trees.

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