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Hiko-nyan in Hawaii ひこにゃんinハワイ


Hikone's official mascot, Hiko-nyan, made its overseas debut in Honolulu, Hawaii. He appeared in the 30th Pan-Pacific Festival (also called “Matsuri in Hawaii”) parade on June 7, 2009 from 5 pm to 7 pm along Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki. This festival celebrates and promotes relations between Hawaii and Pacific Rim countries, mainly Japan.

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2007 Shiga Kenjinkai International Convention 第11回滋賀県人会世界大会


Every few years, all the Shiga Kenjinkai in Japan and overseas gather for a convention for a few days. During Nov. 12-14, 2007, the 11th international convention was held in Shiga for the first time in 16 years. Concerts, symposiums, dinners, Lake Biwa boat cruise, and hometown exhibits were featured with some 350+ attending, including the Shiga governor. There are currently 71 Shiga Kenjinkai groups. More about the Shiga Kenjinkai here. Also see my video at YouTube.

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Omi Fair: Shiga Food and Crafts Fair 大近江展


The Grand Omi Fair (Dai Omi-ten) is held annually at Takashimaya Dept. Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo for several days in Jan. or Feb. Food and products from Shiga spread over a large area attracted large crowds.

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Tokyo Shiga Kenjinkai New Year 2007 東京滋賀県人会 平成19年新年会


New Year's party held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on Jan. 26, 2007 by the Tokyo Shiga Kenjinkai.

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