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Matsue Castle 松江城


Built in 1611, Matsue Castle is Japan's latest and fifth castle whose main tower tower has been designated as a National Treasure (on July 8, 2015). Amid a complex of moats, stone walls, and reconstructed turrets, the main castle tower largely retains its original 17th-century construction and stands five stories high. One of the San'in Region's major sights and one of the best castles along the Sea of Japan coast. Easily accessible by a short bus ride from JR Matsue Station. (This album shows over 250 photos of the castle.)

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Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum and Residence 小泉八雲記念館


Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo) is one of the most famous foreigners to have lived in Japan. He authored or translated books about Japanese ghost/horror stories ("Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan" and "Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things"). The Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum and residence are next to each other on the same road on the fringe of Matsue Castle.

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Lake Shinji 宍道湖


Lake Shinji is famous for spectacular sunsets, but didn't see it when I was there twice. Too cloudy.

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Gesshoji Temple and Other Sights


Gesshoji is a famous temple in Matsue with numerous tombs for the Matsudaira clan who ruled the Matsue domain. Matsue also has other notable shrines.

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