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Ashikaga Flower Park あしかがフラワーパーク


Ashikaga Flower Park is insanely awesome for its massive and numerous wisteria trees that bloom from late April to mid-May. It also has colorful azaleas and rhododendron. Very pleasant and eye-popping flower park which must be one of Japan's grandest for wisteria. Opened in April 1997. Admission during wisteria season is most expensive at 1,700 yen. The park can be reached from Ashikaga-shi Station on the Tobu Isezaki Line or JR Tomita Station on the Ryomo Line. Shuttle buses run from Ashikaga-shi Station every day during the wisteria season, otherwise, it runs only on weekends.

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Yoroi Toshikoshi Shuko 鎧年越


On Feb. 3, the yoroi toshikoshi shuko festival is held in the evening with a warrior procession going to Bannaji temple. The climax is mamemaki bean-throwing by the procession participants.

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