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Hino Matsuri Festival 日野祭


Held annually during May 2 and 3, the Hino Matsuri is the largest festival in eastern Shiga Pref. In 2006, sixteen ornate floats and three portable shrines were paraded through the streets. It is the spring festival of the Umamioka Watamuki Shrine and one of Shiga's Intangible Cultural Properties. Also see my YouTube video here. More about Hino here. Map

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Umamioka Watamuki Shrine 馬見岡綿向神社


Hino's most prominent shrine is best known for the Hino Matsuri festival on May 2-3. The shrine was originally atop Mt. Watamuki, Hino's tallest mountain. It was moved to its present location in 796. Later it became Lord Gamou's family shrine and it was revered by Hino merchants during the Edo Period. Map

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Shakunage Gorge 鎌掛谷ホンシャクナゲ群落


Very pleasant gorge with rhododendron (shakunage) blooming on the slopes during early May. The official name is Kaigake-dani Valley which is part of the Suzuka Quasi-National Park. Shuttle buses are provided from Hino Station. Map

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Hino Merchant Homes 近江日野商人


Hino was home to many Omi merchants who plied up and down Japan during the Edo Period to sell and trade their wares. They became quite successful selling medicines, lacquerware, sake, etc. Those from Hino were called Hino shonin (Hino merchants). Some of their former grand homes have been renovated such as the Omi Hino Merchant House and Omi Hino Shonin Furusato-kan. Map

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Hifuri Torch Festival 火ふり祭


Held for two evenings on Aug. 14-15 during the obon season, people light their torches at Gosha Shrine and proceed to Hibarino park where the torches are thrown up to a large pine tree. The more torches get stuck on the tree, the better the next harvest will be. Also see the video at YouTube. Map

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Nakano (Hino) Castle 中野城跡


Nakano Castle, also known as Hino Castle (日野城), built in 1534 by Lord Gamou Sadahide (1508-1579). In 1582, when Oda Nobunaga was assassinated in Kyoto, Lord Gamo Katahide brought Nobunaga's wife and children from Azuchi Castle to Hino Castle for their safety. The castle was abandoned in 1597. Only a few stone walls and shrines remain adjacent to Hinokawa Dam. Map

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Otowa Castle 音羽城跡


Very little remains of this castle originally built by Lord Gamou Sadahide. Two battles took place here in 1496 and 1503. The castle met its demise in 1522 less than 60 years after it was built, after a war within the Gamou Clan. It now serves as a large hilltop park with good views of the surroundings. Map

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Ohmi Railway Hino Station & Other Sights


Other sights in Hino including the renovated Hino Station (Ohmi Railways), Hino Station Railway Museum, and Minami Sanno Matsuri. More Hino Station details on my blog. More about Hino here.

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