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Kongorinji 金剛輪寺


Located in Aisho-cho town, Tendai Buddhist temple established in 741 and the middle temple in the Koto Sanzan Temple Trio. The main temple hall is a National Treasure housing an 11-faced Kannon statue and 13 other statues designated as Important Cultural Properties. The 3-story pagoda is engulfed in foilage in autumn. Also see many little stone Jizo statues. Visit this temple before or after Saimyoji. Admission 500 yen. Map

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Echigawa-juku 愛知川宿


Echigawa-juku was the sixty-sixth station or post town (shukuba) of the sixty-nine stations on the Nakasendo Road. It is the sixth Nakasendo station in Shiga (following Takamiya-juku in Hikone), and one of ten Nakasendo stations in Shiga. It has a few reminders of its shukuba past. Near Ohmi Railways Echigawa Station. Map

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Bin-temari びん手まり


Bin Temari no Yakata Museum - Threaded balls in round glass bottles on exhibit. Temari is a symbol of Echigawa. Near Echigawa Station. Map

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Misaki Shrine Fire Festival 御崎神社の火まつり


Held annually on May 4, the local people carry 2-meter long torches from their homes to the shrine. A taiko drum is also carried and beaten. The shrine has a 5-meter tall pile of bamboo which is lit to make a towering inferno within the shrine grounds. Very dramatic. Also see the video at YouTube. Map

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Other Sights


Other sights in Aisho town including Echigawa Station.

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