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Lake Biwa Views 琵琶湖風景


Best views of Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture at various locations. Includes panorama photos.

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National Treasures in Shiga 滋賀の国宝


Photos of National Treasures in Shiga. Castle, temples, and shrines from various photo albums.

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Festivals in Shiga 滋賀の祭り


Photos of Shiga's festivals in random order from various photo sets.

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National Historic Sites in Shiga 滋賀の史跡


Photos of important historic sites in Shiga from various albums.

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Cherry Blossoms in Shiga 滋賀の桜


Photos of Shiga's most beautiful cherry blossom spots.

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Mascots in Shiga Prefecture


Home to Hiko-nyan, one of Japan's most famous yuru-kyara mascots, Shiga has its share of many mascots.

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Manholes in Shiga


Manholes in Shiga's cities and towns each with a different design.

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Shiga in Woodblock Prints 滋賀の木版


Famous woodblock print artist Hiroshige depicted Shiga's Eight Views of Omi and post towns (shukuba) along the Tokaido and Nakasendo Roads.

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We love Shiga banners


I’ve created “We love (heart) Shiga” banners (horizontal and square) for anyone to download and use. Feel free to use them on your Web site, blog, Facebook, etc. You can opt to link the banner to any Web site about Shiga. (It doesn’t have to be shiga-ken.com.) Or just tack it on your home page for decoration or self-expression. I also provide large sizes for printing on A4- or A3-size paper. Make a posters, T-shirt iron-on transfers, or bumper stickers. Free for non-commercial use. Let’s spread the word that not just you love Shiga, but also your boy/girlfriend, wife/husband, parents, family, relatives, kids, friends, students, etc. The kanji characters (left to right) read “Shi ga.”

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2011 FISA World Rowing Tour at Lake Biwa, Japan


About 40 rowers from overseas rowed around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, Japan on June 5-11, 2011 for the annual FISA World Rowing Tour held for the first time in Asia. They made history as we've never seen so many foreigners rowing around Biwako. They also visited historic sights like Enryakuji temple and Hikone Castle. FISA is the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron, the International Rowing Federation which is the governing body for international Rowing.

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Shiga Outside Shiga 滋賀より


Things from Shiga outside Shiga. Tokyo, Nagano, Hawaii, and more.

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