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Yoshino Baigo Plum Blossoms 吉野梅郷


When these photos were taken, Yoshino Baigo was a valley and hillside covered with ume plum trees. It boasted a wide variety of different plum blossoms. During full bloom as you can see here, the scenery was spectacular. It was one of the largest plum groves in Japan. Sadly, spring 2014 was the last time we could see these trees. The plum trees were infected by the plum pox virus and the city cut down all the trees in 2014 to wipe it out.

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Ome Taisai Festival 青梅大祭


Held annually on May 2 and 3 in Ome, Tokyo, Ome Taisai has 12 ornate floats pulled along the main street near JR Ome Station. About 150,000 people come to see Ome's largest festival. This float festival has been held since 1872. These photos were taken on May 3, 2014.

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Mt. Mitake 御岳山


One of Tokyo's easily accessible peaks via cable car still requires a good deal of climbing up slopes and steps. You can also hike to adjacent Mt. Hinode-yama. Great daytrip getaway from Tokyo's concrete jungle.

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Other sights in Ome


Includes Mitake Gorge and Ome Station.

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