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Tokyo Skytree 東京スカイツリー


Tokyo's latest, tallest, and mega-popular attraction opened in May 2012, forever changing Tokyo's landscape. In early May, the koinobori carp steamers for Children's Day are displayed. In April 2010, it became taller than the old Tokyo Tower at 338 meters. The Solamachi shopping complex is also a great place to eat and shop. Near Oshiage Station and Tokyo Sky Tree Station (renamed from Narihirabashi), the tower is instantly recognizable and an awesome sight to behold.

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Kinshi Park Cherry Blossoms 錦糸公園の桜


Near JR Kinshicho Station (JR Sobu Line), Kinshi Park is a neighborhood oasis especially during cherry blossom season with 162 cherry blossom trees. Excellent views of Tokyo Skytree too. The park also has tennis courts, playground equipment, and a public gymnasium. The park opened in July 1928.

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Ryogoku Kokugikan and Grand Sumo 両国国技館


The Kokugikan arena is where three of the six grand sumo tournaments are held. Built in 1985, it is a spacious, well-designed arena. See photos of what's inside as well as a sumo tournament. More sumo photos here.

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Ryogoku 両国


Adjacent to Sumida River, Ryogoku is best known for sumo with the Kokugikan, Eko-in temple where sumo started, Lord Kira's estate, and other places of interest.

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Mukojima Hyakkaen Garden 向島百花園


Operated by the Tokyo government, Mukojima Hyakkaen Garden is a medium-size Japanese garden in a quiet residential area in eastern Tokyo (Sumida Ward) not far from Tokyo Skytree. Not a huge garden, but many different flowers for all seasons. Especially nice when the plum blossoms are in bloom in mid-Feb. to early March. Garden admission is only ¥150 for adults. For age 65 and older, only ¥70. What a rare bargain.
Near Higashi-Mukojima Station on the Tobu Skytree Line or Keisei Hikifune Station on Keisei Oshiage Line.
Easiest way is to take the Nippori-bound bus #22 (里22) from JR Kameido Station (bus stop 6). Get off at Hyakkaen-mae.

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Omurai Katori Shrine Plum Garden 小村井香取神社 香梅園


Updated with more photos in Feb. 2023: This small neighborhood shrine has one of Tokyo's best plum blossom gardens. There are 120 plum trees in 85 colorful varieties. The shrine was historically famous for plum trees where even Hiroshige created a woodblock print. However, in 1910, a great flood ruined the garden. The current garden was rebuilt in 1994. Free admission.
These photos were taken in 2023 and 2012. The plum trees have grown quite a bit. Near Omurai Station on the Tobu Kameido Line.

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Tobu Museum 東武博物館


Tobu Museum (Tobu Hakubutsukan) is primarily a railway/train museum. Medium-size museum embedded below Higashi-Mukojima Station on the Tobu Skytree Line that starts at Asakusa. Exhibits include a ED101 class electric locomotive, a beautifully restored Tobu bus from 1951, train simulators, and a German model train diorama.

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Nose Myokenzan Betsuin 能勢妙見山別院


In Feb., priests at this small temple splash cold water on themselves for 30 min. Near Honjo-Azumabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line or JR Kinshicho Station on the Sobu Line.

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