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Lake Suwa 諏訪湖


Okaya is on the shores of Lake Suwa. There is a nice lakeside park.

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Oguchi Taro 小口太郎


Oguchi Taro is one of Okaya's most honored sons. Best known for writing the song "Biwako Shuko no Uta" (Lake Biwa Rowing Song). A monument dedicated to him and his song is on the shore of Lake Suwa. Also see the video at YouTube.

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Tsurumine Park 鶴峰公園


Tsurumine Park is a large park (19,498 sq. meters) on a small hill with abundant azalea bushes. The azaleas were first planted in 1935 when three truckloads of azalea bushes from Kawaguchi, Saitama were brought over and planted. It is the Chubu region's largest azalea park. Azalea is Okaya's official flower.

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OIEA 15th Anniversary Festival 国際交流の集い


The Okaya International Exchange Association held its 15th anniversary festival on March 4, 2007. A great line-up of international entertainment attracted hundreds of people. The English version of "Biwako Shuko no Uta" (Lake Biwa Rowing Song) was also sung for the first time in public outside Shiga Prefecture.

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Other Sights


Pictures of Okaya Station, Ilf Plaza/Museum, etc.

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