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Zensuiji Temple 善水寺


Established in the 8th century and one of the Konan Sanzan Trio of Tendai Buddhist National Treasure temples in Konan, Zensuiji's main Hondo Hall is a National Treasure. Zensuiji means "Efficacious Water Temple." It is on the slope of Mt. Iwane. From JR Kosei Station on the JR Kusatsu Line, catch a bus and get off at Iwane 岩根. From there, you still have to walk a bit, follow the signs (if you can read Japanese). MAP

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Jorakuji Temple 常楽寺


A stone's throw from Chojuji Temple, Jorakuji Temple (est. 708) of the Tendai Buddhist Sect boasts two National Treasures with its main hall and three-story pagoda. Jorakuji means "Constant Comfort Temple." It is one of the Konan Sanzan Temple Trio accessible by bus from JR Ishibe Station. MAP

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Chojuji Temple 長寿寺


Meaning "Long Life Temple," Chojuji's Hondo temple hall is a National Treasure. It belongs to the Tendai Buddhist Sect and one of the Konan Sanzan Temple Trio along with Jorakuji and Zensuiji Temples. Fall colors are also nice. Accessible by bus from Ishibe Station or walk from Jorakuji. MAP

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Ishibe-juku 石部宿


Ishibe was the 51st stage/post or shukuba lodging town on the Tokaido Road where even Emperor Meiji once stayed (with an entourage of over 3,000). The town's Shukuba no Sato park recreates the old stage town. More about Konan here. MAP

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Other sights in Konan


Other sights in Konan include Fudo-no-taki Waterfall near Mikumo Station, indigo dyeing at Konki Senshoku, Shimoda-yaki pottery, Konan Marché, yahei-togarashi, and Nigori-ike Park with cherry blossoms.

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