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Tokyo Skytree View

On clear days, the views from Tokyo Skytree are marvelous, with Mt. Fuji (upper right) and many Tokyo landmarks visible.

Latest Videos

The four featured videos on the right are included in my latest videos of Japan listed below.

Gion Matsuri Ato Matsuri, Kyoto
Okinawa Mensore Festa, Sunshine City, Tokyo
Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Festival, Tokyo
Pharrell Williams HAPPY, We are from Lake Biwa
Kurayami Matsuri, Tokyo, Part 1
Kurayami Matsuri, Tokyo, Part 2
Ome Taisai Festival, Tokyo
White Heron Dance, Asakusa
Shiraume Taiko drummers at Yushima Tenjin 2014
Japanese belly dancers at Yushima Tenjin
Lake Biwa Museum
Food and Crafts Fair, Takashimaya
Tokyo Marathon 2014 Suitengu
Spa Resort Hawaiians, Fukushima

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