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Mito 水戸市Pictures of Mito, the capital city of Ibaraki Prefecture.
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Kairakuen Garden 偕楽園


One of Japan's three most famous gardens, Kairakuen is especially noted for thousands of plum blossom trees which bloom in Feb. and March. It also has the Kobuntei Villa with exquisite Japanese-style paintings on paper sliding doors. Kairakuen was built in 1841 by Tokugawa Nariaki (1800-1860), the ninth Lord of Mito.

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Oarai 大洗町Pictures of Oarai-cho town, Ibaraki Prefecture.
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Oarai Isosaki Shrine 大洗磯前神社


This shrine in Oarai is best known for its torii at sea. Pictures of the torii at sunrise is a town trademark. The ocean is rough and it is indeed a dramatic surrounding for a torii.

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Other Sights


Oarai is a pleasant sea resort near Mito. Besides the famous torii in the ocean, the town boasts fresh sea food and other attractions.

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Tsukuba つくば市Pictures of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.
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Mount Tsukuba 筑波山


One of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains, Mt. Tsukuba is an easy day trip from Tokyo. The mountain has two wedded peaks, Nantai (male) and Nyotai (female). You can either climb up to the peak or take the convenient and low-cost cable car or ropeway up to one of the peaks.

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Matsuri Tsukuba and Nebuta Parade 2009 まつりつくば・ねぶた大パレード


A big, two-day August festival in this modern city on the outskirts of Tokyo featuring diverse dance groups, bazaar, street performances, hula dancing, and food stalls. The climax is a nebuta parade in the evening. Everything is near Tsukuba Station (Tsukuba Express). I went on the second day on Aug. 30, 2009.

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