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If you go to Konki Senshoku, you might as well also see Shimoda-yaki 下田焼 pottery down the road in the Konan Traditional Crafts Hall (Dento Kogei Kaikan). 湖南市伝統工芸会館 MAP
Shimoda-yaki is characterized by deep-blue colors on white. They exhibit and sell Shimoda-yaki pottery and also offer pottery lessons. You should make reservations at 0748-72-7444. Take a bus from Mikumo Station and get off at Higashi Iwane 東岩根.
Shimoda-yaki pieces are designed for practical, everyday use.
Shimoda-yaki started in the 18th century using soil in the Shimoda area of Konan and techniques from Kyoto. Today, only one man makes it, and he has no successor. Pottery lessons cost 3500 yen if you want to make the piece yourself.
Shimoda-yaki cups
The hall has a few exhibition rooms.
About Shimoda-yaki in Japanese. Web site here.
Next door to the Shimoda-yaki hall is this hall for trying traditional crafts. たくみの家
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