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Omi Jingu Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Tenji (Tenchi 天智天皇) who moved the capital from Asuka, Nara to Otsu in 667 at the location of this shrine. Otsu was therefore once the capital of Japan.
Omi Jingu is noted for competitive karuta card games. The Japanese national championship tournament of competitive karuta is held in January at Omi Jingu (since the mid-1950s).
The winner of the men's division is called Meijin and the winner of the women's division is called Queen. The popular manga/anime Chihayafuru has brought international attention to karuta.
In late 2013, the Keihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line in Otsu had trains painted in the Chihayafuru design to promote a Chihayafuru exhibition at Omi Shrine. Omi Shrine is near Omi Jingu-mae Station.
Chihayafuru exhibition poster.
Inside the Keihan Line train with Chihayafuru.
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