JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

*Be sure to wear a mask when traveling.

Last comments - Asakusa 浅草
Ota Dokan, initial builder of Edo Castle. This is played by Shun'ichi Suzuki, the then governor of Tokyo. Body guards were around his float. He is dressed in a hunter's costume. Behind him is an attendant named Yamabuki.江戸開祖 太田道灌、従者・山吹娘1 comments06/26/10 at 23:48Guest_Gri: Actually, it' snot an attendant called "...
She walks in a very slow and stylized way, her feet taking figure-8 steps. She needs the man's shoulder to steady herself.1 comments01/29/06 at 10:53Guest_Anon: I love to see this fetival on vhs or Dvd
White Heron Dance in front of Kaminarimon Gate.1 comments11/24/05 at 03:39Shelbe: That is awsome!
According to legend, three days after the golden Kannon statue was found, a golden dragon descended from heaven and danced. The mountain name of the temple is Kinryu-zan, meaning Golden Dragon Mountain. (Most temples have a mountain name.)1 comments11/24/05 at 03:35Shelbe: Kool! I like the dragon
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