Ritto, Shiga

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Ritto, Shiga (栗東市; Ritto-shi)
JRA JRA Ritto Training Center. More Ritto photos here.
Map of Shiga with Ritto highlighted
Location Shiga Prefecture, Kinki region, Honshu island, JAPAN  
Population 65,875 (802 foreigners) (2014-06-01)
Area 52.75 km²
City Centers An'yoji, Ritto Station, JRA Training Center 
Major Sights JRA Training Center, tumuli 
Major Gateways JR Tokaido Line Ritto Station Tehara Station 
Train Stations JR Tokaido Main Line Ritto Station; JR Kusatsu Line Tehara Station 
Claim to Fame Home of JRA Ritto Training Center, major debate on constructing a new shinkansen station
Neighbors Yasu, Konan, Koka, Otsu, Kusatsu, Moriyama 
Old Name(s)
Keywords JRA training center, thoroughbred, horse, new shinkansen station
Historical Persons Take Yutaka
Links Ritto Articles | Ritto Photos
Ritto Tourist Information
Location 〒520-3088滋賀県栗東市安養寺一丁目13番33号

栗東市役所観光振興室 Anyoji 1-13-33, Ritto-shi, Shiga 520-3088

Phone 077-551-0126 Fax: 077-551-0148 
Tourist Links Tourist Ass.  
Int'l Association Web site Tel: 077-551-0293 Fax: 077-552-9320  
Volunteer Guides Tel: 077-551-0126  
Ritto City Hall 栗東市役所
Address 〒520-3088滋賀県栗東市安養寺一丁目13番33号

Anyoji 1-13-33, Ritto-shi, Shiga 520-3088 JAPAN

Phone/Fax 077-553-1234 
Official Site Japanese |  
Symbols Flower:  Pot Marigold キンセンカ
Tree:  Kaizuka 貝塚伊吹
Bird:  Japanese White-eye メジロ
Others:  Racehorses, Kuri-chan
Logo:  3D image based on the Meishin expressway interchange in Ritto.
Sister Cities Birmingham, Michigan; Hengyang City 衝陽市, Hunan, China

Last updated: June 9, 2019

by Philbert Ono

Thoroughbred Town

Ritto (栗東市; Ritto-shi) is a city in Shiga Prefecture.

Landlocked city in southeastern Shiga and best known for the JRA (Japan Racing Association) horse-racing training grounds and home base of Take Yutaka, Japan's winningest jockey. Ritto is also known to be one of Japan's most livable cities.

Express trains do not stop at Ritto Station on the Biwako Line. You have to take a local train to reach Ritto.


thumb_042-IMG_0374.jpg thumb_07-IMG_3334.jpg thumb_052-IMG_2858.jpg
JRA Ritto Daiho Jinja Shrine Wada Tumuli
thumb_062-IMG_2855.jpg thumb_070-IMG_2765.jpg thumb_04-IMG_3391.jpg
Wada Tumuli From Anyoji Ritto Station

  • Tumuli 古墳 - Ritto is dotted with numerous ancient tumuli. Painstaking work is being conducted to unearth and clean ancient artifacts. There is even an archeaological museum next to the Wada Tumuli, a group of small tumuli. Website | Map
  • History/Nature Walk - Ritto tourist pamphlets show a map of a history and nature walk from Tehara Station taking you to see the History Museum, nature forest, Mt. Anyoji, tumuli, etc. You don't need to walk much of the route drawn on the map (take a bus instead). And there are very few signs showing the way to the sights. Mt. Anyoji has no legible signs nor map. Website | Map

Event Calendar

  • Feb. 3 - Setsubun bean throwing at Daiho Shrine.
  • May 4-5 - Daiho Shrine Reitaisai Festival features tug of war and taiko performances on the 4th and portable shrine processions on the 5th.
  • May 5- Otsuki Taisha Hanagasa Matsuri with flower hat dances. 小槻大社

Travel Tips

Getting There

Depending where you want to go, you can take a train or bus. To visit the JRA Training Center, take a bus from Kusatsu Station on the JR Tokaido/Biwako Line taking 30 min.

By Train

Ritto has two train stations. On the JR Tokaido/Biwako Line, take the local train to Ritto Station. Or from Kusatsu Station, take the Kusatsu Line to Tehara Station, the next stop.

Train Lines & Stations

Travel Time

Nearest Airports

Getting Around

There are two train stations. Buses run from both train stations. Most places of interest are not within walking distance of either train station as well as Kusatsu Station. The major sights and facilties along the train lines are as follows:

JR Tokaido Line

  • Ritto Station (栗東駅) - Daiho Shrine is nearby on the west side of the station. Only local (futsu) trains stop at this station.

JR Kusatsu Line (草津線)

  • Tehara Station (手原駅) - Station next to Kusatsu Station. Near Ritto City Hall and Mt. Anyoji. Also near the former site of the new Tokaido shinkansen station which was proposed to be built.


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thumb_062-IMG_2855.jpg thumb_070-IMG_2765.jpg thumb_04-IMG_3391.jpg
Wada Tumuli From Anyoji Ritto Station

More photos at Ritto Photos. More Shiga photos here.


Videos of Ritto coming later.


  • 1954 Ritto-cho township established.
  • 2001 Ritto established as a city.
  • 2005 Major business magazine publisher Toyo Keizai Inc. ranked Ritto as Japan's No. 1 Livable City, noting the city's safety, convenience, and pleasantness.
  • 2007 The city long pushed to build a new shinkansen train station and even started construction in May 2007. However, the city was forced to cancel construction in Oct. 2007 when the prefectural government declined to support the project. Unlike her predecessor, Shiga Governor Kada Yukiko opposed the project, citing the prefecture's poor financial condition. Kada was elected governor in July 2006 promising to cancel such "wasteful" construction projects. The news made national headlines.
  • 2019 Due to local opposition citing heavy traffic, Ritto City Hall decides to withdraw its request for Costco to open a store in the city.

Additional Reading

More Ritto News here.



Famous People

Take Yutaka 武 豊 (1969-)
Japan's most famous horse race jockey grew up in Ritto and commutes to the JRA Training Center from his home in Kyoto.

Side Trips

Other sights in neighboring cities/towns within easy reach from Ritto.

  • Kusatsu

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