NOJIMA Yasuzo 野島 康三 (1889.2.12-1964.8.14) Urawa, Saitama Pref. Acclaimed pictorialist photographer of nudes. Popularly dubbed as Japan's first photographer of nudes. Today, his original prints are rare collector's items fetching very high prices.

Major themes Female sculptural nudes

Education Dropped out of Keio Univ.

Career Started photography while attending Keio Univ. Dropped out in 1906 due to illness. Joined a camra club in 1910 and developed as a photographer.

Opened a portrait studio in Tokyo's Nihonbashi Ningyocho in 1915. Also worked as a writer, and later opened an art gallery in Kanda's Jimbocho area in 1919.

After introducing the works of cutting-edge artists, the art gallery closed 2 years later when he opened an exhibition space at his home. Opened a portrait studio in Kudanshita in 1920. In 1932, started the photo magazine Koga with NAKAYAMA Iwata and KIMURA Ihei. (2001.2.27)