After 3 years of neglect, I’ve finally revamped this Japan Blog and hope to start writing here again. The previous blog system was so cumbersome to use, and upgrading it to a major version update was way too much trouble. So I’ve installed a new blogging system and ported the old entries (not very many) to this new system.

I plan to use this blog to fill the gap between my big online photo gallery (PHOTOGUIDE.JP/pix/) of 36,000+ photos and my Japan Articles collection (PHOTOGUIDE.JP/txt/) of full-length, magazine-like articles and book-like chapters.

Sometimes I wanna show only one or a handful of images or sometimes I wanna write shorter articles or opinionated commentaries about something. Japan Blog is where I’ll do this.

Japan Blog entries will all be about Japan, by someone who has been living and working here for a long time and who can speak, read, and write (with a computer) Japanese quite fluently. By someone who loves to travel around Japan and visit places and see things for the first time (or maybe second time). By someone who loves to take pictures and videos to help people better understand Japan. And by someone who is old enough (but not that old) to give advice and tips to younger and less experienced folks.

I also maintain two other blogs: