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YAMAMOTO Kansuke 山本 悍右 (1914.3.30-1987.4.2) Nagoya, Aichi Pref. Surrealist photographer.

Parents had a shop selling photo supplies in Nagoya. Graduated from Nagoya Shogyo Gakko in 1929. Started writing poetry from 1929.

Encountered surrealism and dadaism through the poetry magazine CINE published by YAMANAKA Chiruu (山中 散生) who was an advocate of surrealism.

In 1937, he was highly influenced by a surrealist art exhibition (海外超現実主義作品展) showing Salvador Dali and other foreign artists. In 1938, started a surrealist poetry magazine called Yoru no Funsui (夜の噴水-Night Water Fountain).

In 1939, formed a group called "Nagoya Photo Avante-garde" with people like SHIMOZATO Yoshio (下郷 羊雄), TAJIMA Tsugio (田島 二男), and YAMANAKA Chiruu. The group applied surrealism into their photographs. The group spearheaded Nagoya's avante-garde in photography.

Kansuke used photographs to show three-dimensional or sculptural objects in surrealistic ways. He also created real sculpture-like works using simple materials and incorporating photographs.

His interest in poetry is also reflected in his art works. It was often a combination of simple objects, photographs, and poetry. He also willed his body to science (to Nagoya University Hospital) upon his death and no funeral was held, in accordance with his wishes. (2001.09.25)

Sample photos: http://www.milkmag.org/yamamotokansuke.html