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WATANABE Hiroshi 渡邉 博史 (1951-) Sapporo, Japan. Fine-art photographer mainly B/W. Kabuki portraits and others.

Major themes People, traditions, and locales.

Education Graduated Department of Photography, Nihon University in 1975. MBA degree from UCLA Business School in 1993.

Career Moved to Los Angeles after graduating from college and became involved in the production of Japanese TV commercials, later became a producer. Established his own production company and produced more than 300 commercials for Japan. Restarted photography in 1995 and started traveling the world extensively to shoot what he finds intriguing at that moment and place. In 2000, the production company was closed and he became a full-time photographer.

Widely published in Japan, USA, South America, and Europe, and exhibited in many galleries across the United States.

Awards Awards from Advertising Photographers Association in Japan, Los Angeles Times, Western Art Directors Club, London Photographic Awards, Advertising Photographers of America, Photo Review, Center for Photographic Art, and International Photography Awards.

Web site: http://www.hiroshiwatanabe.com/