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TSUCHIDA Hiromi 土田 ヒロミ (1939.12.20- ) Fukui Pref. Documentary photographer. Principal of Tokyo College of Photography in Yokohama.

Major themes Hiroshima, people and crowds

Education Graduated from Fukui University in 1963, B.S. in dyeing chemistry. Tokyo College of Photography (Tokyo Sogo Shashin Senmon Gakko) 1965-68.

Career Moved to Tokyo and worked at Pola Cosmetics Company while attending the Tokyo College of Photography 1965-68. Researcher, 1963-68, and Publicity Manager, 1968-71 in the company.

In 1971, held a photo exhibition at the Nikon Salon and won the Taiyo Award. Quit Pola and turned freelance photographer in 1971.

In 1974, selected as one of the exhibitors for the "New Japanese Photography" exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art. His folksy pictures of Japanese were well received in 1976.

Major works include crowds of people (dubbed as grains of sand) and Hiroshima have been his major themes. He has photographed the Hiroshima hibakusha survivors, the landscape remains near ground zero, and the urban changes which the city underwent.

Instructor at Tokyo College of Photography in Yokohama, from 1972. Became the school's principal in 1992. (2000.12.12)

Awards Newcomer's Prize, Camera Jidai, 1967; Grand Prize, Taiyo Magazine, 1971; Nobuo Ina Award, 1978; Award of the Year, Photographic Society of Japan, 1984.

Sample photos Hiroshima

Tepper Takayama Fine Arts

Official site: http://www.hiromi-t.com/