TAMURA Shigeru

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TAMURA Shigeru 田村 茂 (1906-1987) Sapporo, Hokkaido Pref. Prominent documentary and realism photographer.

Interested in photography since childhood. Moved to Tokyo in 1928 and attended the Oriental Photography School. After graduating in 1929, employed at Abe Studio.

Entered Koei-sha in 1933. Established Tokyo Studio in 1935 with WATANABE Yoshio and worked in portraiture and architectural photography. In 1938, he and other photographers like DOMON Ken and FUJIMOTO Shihachi formed the Young Press Photographers Study Group.

During WWII, assigned as an army photographer. The horrors of war was a major influence. After the war, entered the Japan Communist Party and became an official photographer for the Party.

Became the head of the photo dept. of the magazine Sekai Gaho. When the magazine folded in 1949, he went freelance. His photos expressed his feelings and thoughts. He was a primary force behind the Japan Realism Photo Group in 1963.

Awards: Special Award, Japan Photo Critics Association, 1967; Distinguished Service Award, Photographic Society of Japan, 1982