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TAMOTO Kenzo 田本 研造 (1832-1907 or 1912) Kumano, Mie Pref. One of the first portrait studio photographers in Hakodate.

Pursued Dutch studies and learned photography from UENO Hikoma while living in Nagasaki for five years. Later moved to Hakodate and studied photography from a Russian doctor. Also worked with KIZU Kokichi, another pioneering Hakodate photographer.

During the Hakodate battle in 1868-1869, Tamoto got his big break by photographing the top military commanders from the bakufu central government who came to quell the local uprising in Hakodate.

When Kizu moved his studio to Tokyo, Tamoto bought his photo equipment and opened his own studio in Hakodate. From 1869 until his death, his studio was the city's successful popular one.

Adoptive son Shigeru took over when Kenzo died. (2002.12.22)