Shashin Yogo Jiten


Book review of Shashin Yogo Jiten 写真用語事典. General dictionary of Japanese photography terms. Geared for the masses.

Published: 1997-06-30 Publisher: Nippon Camera-sha ISBN: 4817900091 Price in Japan: ¥4,620 Qualities: Soft v inyl cover, B/W photos Size: B6, 555 pp. Language: Japanese and English terms

A very complete dictionary of Japanese photography terms. The entries are organized according to subject category such as Cameras, Lenses, Photosensitive Materials, Drakroom, and Photo Technique. A convenient index of terms is also provided at the back.

Black-and-white photos and diagrams on almost every page make the terms easier to understand. Most terms are also accompanied by its English equivalent, which really helps. A definition in Japanese then follows. The dictionary was written by a committee consisting of Ueno Chizuko, Saeki Kakugoro, Sato Masaharu, Takaishi Taiji, Todoriki Kunika, and Fujita Naomichi. (Reviewed by Philbert Ono)