STILLFRIED und RATHENITZ Baron Raimund von

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Baron Raimund von STILLFRIED und RATHENITZ (1839-1911) Austria. One of the most important figures in early Japanese photographic history. Best known for portraits of 19th-century Japanese people.

Lived in Yokohama by 1868. Opened a photo studio in Yokohama in 1871. The studio's name was changed from "Messrs. Stillfried & Co." to "Japan Photographic Association" (Nihon Shashin-sha) in 1874.

Partnered with Hermann Andersen in 1875 and changed the company name to "Stillfried & Andersen and the Japan Photographic Association."

In 1877, they bought F. Beato & Co. including the negatives and equipment and moved into the facility. In 1878, there were business disagreements between Stillfried and Andersen, and Stillfried broke the partnership and left the Japan Photographic Association.

Andersen continued the business under the same company name until 1884 when the business was sold to Stillfried's younger brother Franz who came to Yokohama in 1879 and operated a studio called "Baron Stillfried's." In 1885, Franz sold the Japan Photographic Association to Adolfo Farsari.

After leaving the Japan Photographic Association, Stillfried moved to Kanda, Tokyo. He was contracted for six months by the government's Finance Ministry which needed his expertise on photography technology, lithography, etc., to print money.

Then he moved back to Yokohama in 1879 to new arrival and brother Franz's "Baron Stillfried's" studio and gave advice on running the studio. Left Japan in 1881 for Hong Kong.