SONOBE Kiyoshi

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SONOBE Kiyoshi 薗部 澄 (1921.2.14 - 1996.3.5) Tokyo. Noted photographer of rural Japan.

Worked at a Ginza camera shop and KIMURA Ihee's darkroom in 1940. Drafted and sent to the Philippines near the end of WWII. After being discharged, he joined KIMURA Ihee who was working at Weekly Sun News, then to Iwanami Shashin Bunko under NATORI Yonosuke before turning freelance and establishing Photos Sonobe.

Photographer of everyday human scenery, centering on the everyday scenes of small Japanese towns and the countryside, depicting the daily life of people. His "Hometown" series is monumental. Also photographed traditional Japanese toys.

Awards Art Encouragement Prize (Photography), Minister of Education, 1994.