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SHIRAKAWA Yoshikazu 白川 義員 (1935.1.28- ) Kawanoe City, Ehime Prefecture. Prominent photographer of majestic landscapes.

Education Attended Kawanoe High School, 1950-53 and studied photography at Nihon University, Tokyo, 1955-57.

Career Literature and Arts Program Producer, Nippon Broadcasting System, Tokyo, 1957-58; Chief Cameraman, Fuji Telecasting Company, Tokyo, 1958-60. Freelance photographer in Tokyo from 1960.

Lecturer, Nihon Photography School, Tokyo, 1960, and Japan Photographic Academy, Tokyo, 1967.

Climbed Swiss Alps and the Himalayas where he almost starved to death in the snow in the late 1960s.

Awards Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare Award, 6 times, 1956-61; Special Prize, National Park Photo Contest, Tokyo, 1960; First Prize, Nika Exhibition, Tokyo, 1968; Prize of the Year, Japan Professional Photographers Society, 1970; Art Prize, Mainichi Newspapers, Tokyo, 1972; Ministry of Education Award, 22nd Fine Art Grand Prix, 1972; Photographer of the Year Award, American Society of Magazine Photographers. 1981.