SAWADA Tomoko 澤田知子 (1977- ) Kobe, Hyogo. Specializes in self-portraits while wearing various costumes typical of Japanese society--school girl, matching-making portraits, etc. Often very humorous works.

Education Graduated Seian Zokei Univ. in 2000 majoring in photography.

Awards Kimura Ihei Award in 2004

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By: SAWADA Tomoko 澤田知子

Published: 2005-02-04

Publisher: Seigensha

ISBN: 4861520312

Price in Japan: Y2,940

Qualities: A4, hard cover, 72 pp., color photos

Language: Japanese

This is a humorous if not hilarious collection of self portraits of herself dressed in various formal clothing for the "omiai shashin." "Omiai" means arranged matchmaking (usually by a relative or friend), and "shashin" is photograph. This formal portrait is distributed to potential candidates for marriage. If both parties like each other's photographs and resumes, the matchmaker arranges a meeting for the two.

See the sample images at her Web site and vote on which portrait you like best. Sawada is a master at costume disguises. She has a plump-looking face that is very malleable for creating a wide variety of faces and expressions. Various hairstyles and make-up also add a lot to her transformations. See more of her work here.