OISHI Yoshino


OISHI Yoshino 大石 芳野 (1944.5.28- ) Tokyo. One of the most prominent woman photojournalists in Japan.

Major themes People and how they live.

Education Graduated Nihon Univ., Dept. of Photography in 1967

Career First visited Vietnam in 1966 while in college. The country became her lifelong interest. Turned freelance documentary photographer after graduating from college. Did documentaries on other people such as New Guineans, Cambodians, and Okinawans.

Widely published in Japan.

Awards Award of the Year, Photographic Society of Japan, 1989; Kodansha Culture Award for Asia and Africa, 1990; Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize for Freshman, 1994.

Sample photos http://fotonoma.jp/photographer/2001_05oishi/index.html