Nippon Camera magazine


Review of Nippon Camera magazine. One of Japan's leading camera magazines. Pictorials, equipment reviews, exhibition reviews and schedules, monthly photo contest.

Reviewed on: April 18, 1996 Last modified: 2005-04-03 Published: Monthly on the 20th Publisher: Nippon Camera-sha Price in Japan: ¥840 Size: B5, 300+ pp. Language: Japanese

Along with Asahi Camera magazine, this is one of Japan's leading camera magazines targeting amateurs. It is packed with information every month. After a few pictorials featuring famous or promising photographers, the magazine presents articles about almost everything related to photography. Product reviews and tests, book reviews, photo exhibition schedules, photo contest notices, photo techniques, camera maintenance, classic cameras, the monthly photo contest, and more. The magazine is an important medium for pros, amateurs, and beginners wanting to see their photos published.

Amid this sea of information and pictures, there is a short editor's note in English at the beginning of the magazine. It summarizes the main articles, pictorials, and photographers in the magazine. This is a great relief for those who cannot read Japanese. Even a little language goes a long way. It is an excellent way of finding out about Japanese photographers. The magazine is glossy and slick with high-quality printing. See the magazine's Japanese Web site here.